Shaista Justin


CULTURAL MECHANICS: Providing a witty and humorous sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes world of artistic production in theatre, film, writing, and other artistic disciplines. A “how-to” blog with interviews from emerging artists and experts, as well as, stories about the process of making art itself. Meant to inform and engage! I hope you have fun reading these posts! SJ


Shaista Justin is an author, screenwriter and producer. Endorsed by Nobel Prize Winner: JM Coetzee, her book Winter, the Unwelcome Visitor has appeared on Indigo Books first-ever poetry top-ten list along with Karen Solie, Olive Senior and Barry Dempster. Her poetry and short stories have appeared in: “The Fiddlehead“, “New Contrast“, “Room Magazine” and “Vallum Magazine“. Justin has co-written and toured: “Funny, You Don’t Look” and “Media Madness” for Company of Sirens Theatre (SIS)  and produced “Camoes, the One-Eyed Poet” for Clay and Paper Theatre. She also wrote and profitably produced “Love and Human Extinction” for the Toronto Fringe Festival (2009), which was touted in the Toronto Star as a pre-festival must-see, and her actress Jen Neales was named 2nd Best Performer in the Fringe. Justin is producing Commonwealth Prize Winner Olive Senior’s play: “Swept Away” starring opera singer Othalie Graham for 2014. Justin has recently completed her film “Swan Asleep” and while looking forward to the festival circuit, has been working on numerous projects with industry professionals in film and television, writing, directing, producing, and even occasionally writing those last few pages of her novel when she isn’t writing about the arts.



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